2017-06-28 Well the month is almost over

July 1st is Canada for my country (obviously). Grandma and I are planning on going to the beach at some point this weekend to celebrate. I haven’t been to the beach yet this year…not counting the few times that I have taken a drive there because I find just standing at the beach helps clear my mind. That is something that I will miss dearly when mom and I move to Alberta. I’ll miss going to the beach and pretending that I’m at the ocean coast as there is nothing but water on the far horizon. Instead…it will probably be smaller beaches, which isn’t bad its just not as full filling like the Great Lakes.

I’m not really sad right now…but I did wake up feeling a little bit down for some reason. I’m not even really sure why. I’m still trying to analyze it myself. I do know that I had a dream last night. Two things in the dream stood out to me. I kept getting late notifications when I went into work because I was 2 minutes late or something like that, and would be told that I would be charged if I didn’t sign a piece of paper. I remember it was Sean from the inventory office that presented it to me, not even a manager or something like that. Another thing that stood out to me in the dream was I was recalling that I haven’t seen Caleb in the store for about a month, and I wanted to ask Cathy if she has noticed this as well. At some point in the dream I was on a walk and trying to avoid him. I don’t think he ever noticed me, but I always wanted to steer clear of those areas. And low and behold each freaking turn I got put there. o-o

I have no idea what those three things could mean, but I’m figuring that its just best not to dwell on them. If I do then it is just going to bring me down, and I already have to bounce back from this “waking up and feeling a little bit down” phase.

On a positive note, I only have to work 10-3 today, so it is just a baby shift. 🙂

Anyway, this is all that I can think up of off the fly. I unfortunately have to get off the computer now and go into work.


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