2017-06-29 Doing fairly well :)

Today went fairly well. I didn’t have to be outside in the garden center for too long at a time. I just went out to cover breaks and that was fairly ok. I didn’t break out into hives again.

A co-worker had asked if I would like to go out to her place to play more Dungeons and Dragons. I would but I still feel like I need to distance myself from others for a while. Besides I do have plans for Canada Day weekend. Grandma and I are supposed to be going to the beach on Sunday, and mom wants to see some fireworks on Saturday. I think that she actually does want to go to some of the events here in town, but she won’t really say so.

Caleb hasn’t been into the store lately. I did notice that. I asked Cathy if she noticed it. She didn’t really comment on it, but she was surprised that he hasn’t called me or texted me. I’m thinking that she just misunderstood when he spoke to her in the Trenton Wal-mart. I don’t think he likes me that way. He probably just meant that I’m nice to talk to every once in a while when I stop in at the gas bar for gas. Which yeah it does make me sad, but what can you do. I do find it weird though…that situation that happened when I first started going to the Canadian Tire Belleville gas bar…I know that wasn’t just me…something gave me that vibe and I would like to know what.

I have started communicating with my eldest brother Tyler. He’s actually handling the whole situation better than I could have hopped for. I’m not messaging him every day…I don’t want to be a pest and I want him to get used to the idea. Besides, its a little bit to get used to myself.

Its been 4-5 months since Steve has found out about me. Since I found out about my siblings, have met Blaid and all of it. Its still taking some getting used it. I like it. It’s just that its a life changing event. I still would like to know what had possessed me to message Steve and confront him.

Oh boy it would really burn him up if he knew that Tyler and I have similar personalities. lol

Anyway that is about all that I can think of today. Laterz!



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