2017-07-13 An update…though the news is unfortunate…

I have not really felt like updating this blog for the past week. Simply because I have been too heart broken…

Last week while I was up at Raven’s Knoll waiting for some friends to come join me…I received a very unfortunate phone call. A young girl who had been working at the same company as I had passed away. She was only 17, had graduated the week before, and left for Cuba for her graduation trip. She had passed in Cuba during her 1st or 2nd day there. The cause was natural. We had all known that she had been born with a weak immune system. Most of us figure that the hotel wasn’t aired out enough after having treatments done for bedbug pest control.

My heart goes out to the young lady who has passed, as well as her family. I can not even begin to imagine how they must be feeling. All of us at work are absolutely heart broken.

To they young lady who passed all too soon…I wasn’t fortunate enough to know you very well, but every time you were in at work you had a mischievous twinkle in your eye because you liked to have fun. Everyone that came around you was put at easy by your kind personality. I’m thankful that I did get to meet you. You were one of the brightest, and kindest souls that I have ever encountered. I wish that I had clued in sooner, way before the call, with the fact that something was wrong. I had felt a familiar presence enter my car while I was on that 2h 30m drive, but couldn’t figure out whose it was…it certainly wasn’t my spirit guide. You weren’t there for very long because you had to go visit everyone that you knew, especially those closest to you. I hope that you have been able to be around for your family to help them cope.

Thank you for saying good-bye…though none of us were ready to say good-bye to you.

This is all for right now. I’m going to go continue to read some more for the book reviews. Thank you for reading this update.


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