For intents of keeping this page pretty anonymous I am going to introduce myself as Hydrokinesis, but please feel more free to just call me Hydro. I was born in the 1993. If I state it like this, then I do not have to always edit this page with my new age. Chances are I would not remember to do so anyways. As for gender? I’m female, and pretty proud of it!

As you might have noticed from the range of tabs that I have on my blog bar, I do have quite a few interests. I am a fan of anime/manga, I enjoy gaming (whether it be post-by-post roleplaying, or online/gaming consoles), I enjoy reading and writing.

I am a Wiccan and perform witchcraft. But, its not like what many of you might thing. I don’t believe in casting magick to hurt anyone. To quote the Wiccan Rede: “As long as it harm none…Do what ye will”. I only cast magick to help me feel closer to my spirituality, faith and help me feel more in tune with the universe. And, in complete honesty…Wicca has helped me greatly with coping with many difficulties that have happened with in my life. So…if anyone is against this part of me, please do skip over the “Paganism and Witchcraft” tab that I have set up.

This blog is mainly to help get me into logging my daily life a bit more, for having the habit of a keeping a journal. Through this excerise I am hoping to be able to look back at the positives that I have encountered in my life, as well as the obsticles I have had to jump over to get to where I am now. Also, in the future I might be able to look back on some of the things and reflect on it with a clear mind, and maybe see why things have happened the way that they have.